Facts of MY life

2 Jun 2014

some interesting facts of MY life.. :

  1. Learnt Japanese in my teens; forgotten miserably, ‘cos no one to practise with..

  2. Learnt Hokkien since pri 4 via my class & school mates; feel so at home when I was in Taiwan than Hong Kong, even though my surname is Chan! >

  3. Impromptu in agreeing to learn thai few years ago (in supporting jiejie’s part time), now seems to catch on every word easily.. not structurally but recognising commonly spoken words..

  4. For years, I’m only familiar with spoken mandarin, today I could message in Chinese.. not with locals, but to my Chinese learning friends in Thailand! hahahahah!!!!

  5. Learnt to cook seriously years ago; my first dish- Chinese Chicken Soup from an Ang Mo Chef named Michael Smith..

Stories of my life… .. .



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