A humbling experience

My first impression after the Chinese session was done, I was relieved! Hahahaha!

However, what added to the encouragement was the feedback from the band members who played along, overall they gave me a thumb up! Praise the Lord! =)

After the rara and fireworks for the day died down, as I recounted, I realised i was divinely setup too…!

What I do know:

  1. As the reharsal was on my birthday, it’s like the King wished for me to play for Him as a birthday present unto me, of which, I am more than glad- in fact, I was awe that get to play for Him on my birthday (though actual play is on coming Sunday), best present I could ever asked for!

  2. During the actual play on the Sunday, i knew i made mistakes, some off beats and what not, yet, I felt a cacoon of peace and I really felt a Divine smile all over me. I recongised that, it was the same feel when I played back in the youth ministry.

What I Do Not know:

  1. The speaker on that Sunday was Coach! (Ps John)

  2. The last song or the ministry song was ‘This Kingdom’!!

The significant:

  1. Coach aka Ps John was my Youth Leader in the previous church, I was among the 1st generation to experience his ministry and also got the chance to serve along side with him as time passed.

1a. Being the 1st generation, we formed the first band to further enhance the ministry meeting.

  1. The song ‘This Kingdom’ was among the most played number while he minister to the youths… That was also the last few songs i could remembered drumming it before we out grew the youth ministry eventually!

As i recalled the morning session, it was like God kindda intro me back to serve Him in style- have me kicked start where i left off!! Playing the same song with the same minister all over again per se! hahahaha!

Called it a divine nostalgia arrangement! God just know how to give us a jaw dropping surprises!

Me behind the clear partition =p



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