Natural yet Supernatural, Mr. Yee

It was reported that a teenager was send back to remand prison as his bailor has discharged himself , The teenager breached his bail condition by (continue) posting online. Got assaulted by a stranger on his way to court.

When an individual continue to do the negative, and it’s beyond human logic and reasons he is actually being either possesed or oppressed to continue to do what he does.

It is supernatural, no amount of natural counselling, discipline or other human methods can snap him out of it.

Somewhere along the way, like Eve, the person bought in a lie that was presented, and now became a stronghold in his thought.

It remains in him, evil remains in him. That’s itself attract more negative to him aka he’s cursed.

The person can end up in two ways, one in the lowest rank of the devils’ push over or an Adolf Hitler in the making.

Looking at a wider perspective of the individual’s situation, it is indeed not a cliché that he’s only deliverance is the Love of God.

As a member of the public, we could only pray that for an opportunity to allow God’s glory to shine the evil out of such individual.


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