That 1 talent…

Gearing up for tmr… The last time i officially played for the King was in the 90’s in TeenZeal Town.

I’m still far from ready or of a ‘certain’ standard. In TeenZeal, no one taught me proper but literally learnt and played under the inspiration in the school of the Holy Spirit..

You guys who are/were from 1st generation of TZT would have witness and experienced how the 1st band formed, liken us holding water pistols charging into the gate of hell!! ?? and God being God, honoured that mustard seed of faith planted by and serving along side with Coach, think we caused quite a collateral damage to the enemies. The youth ministry as a whole grew from glory to glory, strength to strength!

That chapter has closed, yet that God given (raw) gift, the drumming passion has not ceased. It have been years (also in recent) that i posted my request to the Lord, wanting to serve Him with it, also specifying that i would need to be train for it too.

Today, year 2017, i found myself once again under Coach leadership in Petra Church, this raw gift been unwrapped, submitted to proper honing and training by a designated, godly and anointed trainer. Only Father God knows how to answer our prayer in style! ?

I must stress again, this time with proper training, i am literally a white belt student of few months. Not being modest but brutal honesty. I feel bad for the band members and singers yesterday.. Cos I’m really not ‘there’ yet. ? Nonetheless, if God see it fit for me to be playing tmr, He will need to (DOUBLY & TRIPLETLY) Grace and Anoint me for the occasion!!! ???????!!!

I typed all these to say.. HUAT AH!!! Seriously, just being happy to be doing what I’m suppose to do and doing it for His Glory and Honour in whatever little i have ????

Just a playful tot, last time i kin na pian kin na, can anyhow wack.. Tmr cannot liao, cos (some) dua lang and (some) lao lang are/could be [retired] professionals! ????



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