At what cost

It got me thinking/pondering.. i’ve been reading up that Singapore have been in no. 1 for many things, and top in many events internationally… However, does that really reflect the quality of the lives in our general populations. This phrase kept repeating at the back of my mind- at what cost?

I remembered there were a period of time when i was growing up… primary & secondary students who score A1 in their exams spiral into depression and some even committed suicides when they got their final results for PSLE or O levels.. because they got what, A2 or below.. something to that extends..

Now as i am slowly getting politically aware of my/our surroundings… i realized the sentiments of ppl who are unsatisfied with the current governance- it is about the Quality of our livelihoods.

Singapore can be best at this, top at that… but at what expense, at what cost.

One hand, yes, i am proud of the status Singapore stands internationally, yet, on the other looking at the situations of our HDB, transportation, cost of living… i now understand why some ppl would describe us as to be soulless in Singapore.. Most of us, spend most of our lives just to make sure we could afford a house 1st.. then marry.. etc..

In confucianism there’s an expression of without an wholesome individual, there’s no units of family, hence, having no solid foundation to build up a united country, the opposite is also true… very much an chicken and egg problem.

Most no. 1 commandment from parent to child is - study hard and make thyself be a rich/successful person…

Well, one of the largest financial crimes ever committed were by some of the highly educated and successful white collar criminals. Yet we have testimonies after testimonies, great men who were not that educated became world shakers, contributed most to societies, may not be millions or billionaire of their time, but financially somewhat stable.

So, what might be the balance… my personal 2cents worth - i shall continue in my next post…



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