Fear of chinese 7th month loses it grip

31 Jul 2014

The fear of chinese 7th month loses it grip to any individual, when you realised The Son of The Living God who love you so much, that He gave up His Life for you on the cross. Rose from the dead on the 3rd day, has given you a perfect standing before The Holy God of Heaven and Earth…

Oh.. The same Holiness now reign in you by His the HOLY Spirit.

Now that you are engulfed and embraced in the HOLY Trinity… Doesn’t the entities of the supposed 7th month become insignificant? The entities now do not see you as you, but they see His Holiness reigning in you.

Do you supposed they could now harm you? These entities cannot even come near you but to retreat to someone whom they could continue to impute fears.

Being embrace in the Holy Trinity, could you now imagine what’s the journey ahead of your would be? One thing for sure, your path is now lite and you have the access to A Holy God of old, of now and of the future for wisdom and guidance.

Think about it… ^



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