me prayer…

Col 1:9-14

I couldn’t help but noticed in v.9a:

“And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you…”

It dawn on me, if Paul could - ‘have not ceased to pray for you…’ how much more i could/should pray over myself or even for others in the context of v9-14.

That leads me to the next questions, what to pray for…

It is interesting to recall growing up in the church environment with all the good intention from the pulpit influence, been taught to pray for many things and in many style and fashion.

However, nothing come close when we have a personal revelation on the prayer recorded in the bible for us to ‘hear’ for ourselves what our brothers and sisters in both OT & NT spoke to God about and He reponded or honour or even displeased.

As i grew in my own journey with the Lord, i realised it is catching the HEART or the INTENT of the learned that what it is important. The rest are their own unique personality responses to the Lord in actions. Eg. Joseph, king David, king Jehoshaphat, John, Smith Wigglesworth, and many of those tried and tested indiviual.

It is indeed, if we were to whole sale copy and without understanding or revelation in repeating what we have been confessing or in doing, it is as good as a form without power/influence.

It was a ‘moment’ in my (casual) QT while i continued reading v9 to v.14:

All this time i read in 1 lump as part of Paul prayer for the Colossian until i saw the breakdown a fresh.

Mind you, these was the ‘have not cease to pray for you’ over the Colossians before the Lord by Paul and his buddies!

I realised too that most of Paul’s prayer would/will link back in reminder of what Christ has done, which indeed, without it we don’t even have a call of God in our life to begin with.

Personally, I’m being encouraged to pray v.9-v.14 over myself the same way some ministers who would end a church service with an Aronic benediction.

Imitating Paul, i guess i will be praying daily over myself in His Presence for Him to fill me for the sole purpose of bringing Him joy in living out the calling He has placed in my life…



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