Practicing the Presence of God (i)

I am hearing for myself the second time that ppl of a prominent church equate listening to pastor message as spending time with God… Mind you, they are supposingly the older generations..

It’s really a surprise surprise for me… Cos i also remembered this same pastor many years ago repeated over the pulpit that he cannot worship God for us, he teaches the Word and the element of developing the relationship with God is an individual journey.

(Repeating) listening to a sermon and spending time with God are two separate events…

Sure, (repeatedly) listening to sermons nourish our spirit man as we are feeding ourselves spiritually. Yet, that does not necessarily equates to spending time with God.


We may records on tape of our love ones instructions and repeatedly listening to it… We will eventually get a clear understand what our love one is saying…

However, it is different thing when we spend time with our love one in person for (let’s say 15 to 30mins) everyday, we and our love one will develop a closer ties and knowing him or her fresh and intimately everyday…

See the difference?

If we emulated ourselves to be like king David or a Joseph or an Abraham or even Moses… They have 1 thing in common- they have a certain degrees of intimacy in His presences. They encounter Him personally.

Being be a friend of God, a man after God’s heart, takes a personal walk with Him in our time of privacy where there is a 2 way communication… We speak, He hears us, He speaks, we listen and often time, we act upon the spoken (rhema) word that’s only for us, that’s where our personal journey begin/continues…

Yes, it is that One thing that’s needful for us to do. Yet, it is thru that One thing which will propel us to hit the mark aka our calling that He has placed in us for we are created for His pleasure…



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…But I will honor those who honor me…

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