National Library Board saga

18 Jul 2014

My personal take on the NLB ongoing, and going, and non stop going saga…

  1. I agreed to their CEO last few words- they should have had better handled the responsed in the first place… something to that effect.

1b. If they already have their internal guideline for the next course of action, do they need to announced to the world? They could have just treat it as a daily job routine, period.

  1. To me, library is a storehouse of knowledge and information. I remembered the garment repeatedly reminded us years ago, that S'pore is a SECULAR state… with that, they went ahead with the Casino- 2 CASINOS, against all major religious group’s voice of concern…. so, NLB being the NATIONAL library, should take the same stance as the garment, remain SECULAR. Recognising the alternate lifestyle group is growing, like it or not.

  2. I am of the view that the responsibility of what to read or not lies on the individual or parents.

3a. i have been reading two sides of the for and against camp… i realised those who are against are not necessarily pro alternative lifestyle but is the matter of accessing information from the suppose storehouse of knowledge of ALL kinds. I bet you, with all the thousands of books NLB stored, only 3 books deem unsuitable? Mind you, some of the most creative ppl/authors would/could have subscribed to alternative lifestyle. Is NLB gonna burn their books with another complaints received too?

3b. If NLB really execute all their checks and balance on every books… these books would not even appeared on their shelves.

Ironically, a place that heaps treasures of knowledge, lacks the wealth of wisdom to execute a task at hand tactfully…

I pray NLB will not be blinded by their long standing achievements but have a listening ears…



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