The Master’s Sun, why I’m hooked?!

Let me try to put in words, what got me hooked on this Korean Drama-
The Master’s Sun..

  1. It’s basically (to me) a better version of the ang mo tv series- Ghost Whisperer.

1a. Being a Korean drama, it’s geared towards more a love stories, yet keeping the ghostly effects on every encounter but not as dark as the ang mo version.

1b. Stories revolved between the CEO of a mega mall corporate and the whisperer as the commoner employee, one of those typical atars meeting an non atars happy ever after bed time stories.

  1. Ep.4 is the scene that won me over where I was watching it casually; After CEO gave a heated scolding to the whisperer and chased her home in the midst of an corporate event, he was suppose to have an meeting with a vip.

2a. While waiting, his PA informed him the vip might be delay as there was an car accident involving many deaths at a junction near by.

2b. CEO kept looking at the phone, PA then suggested to give a ring to vip, checking their status.. but to his surprise, CEO rebutted- who didn’t cares about the vip.

2c. At this point, the whisperer was at the accident scene, needing to cross the road to home now having a panic attack as all the soul begin to manifest, popping out everywhere from the dead bodies ..

2d. It gotten so bad, she almost freak out to insanity, just then a hand stretched out from behind, pulled her around… It was CEO! With that cool stone face, pulled her to his bosom… everything gotten quiet, Korean love song kicks in…. OOOOOOoooooo!!! PEACE BE STILL….

In this drama, the CEO was her form of shelter, whenever she touched him, her supernatural vision cease to operate..OOO!!

The ending of Ep.4 caught me by surprise, the fact that he still cares about her after a heated let out… and with the song kicks in when he suddenly appears to offer ‘comfort’, wow, totally won my heart!

If we could express that in reality to our love ones… that is love unconditional at it best.. It made an impact on me, and there goes the song that floated in- Crazy of You by Hyorin, SISTAR, now my repeat mode!!

I am offering you a glimpse of this part on the following link, fast forward to 47:55 of 52:21 and watch till end, need to blast the volume up a bit:

Master’s Sun Episode 4 석사 일 Eng Sub Full Movie

Crazy of You by Hyorin, SISTAR for Master’s Sun OST


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