5 Aug 2014

I just had a thought… you know the recent or in fact, is a known thing about Singapore’s sport arena stands - As long sportsman holds pink IC, regardless where they from they represent Singapore.

So, in that same context, should we have a team of soccer player from Germany, Brazil and Argentina holding pink IC, and that team don’t have our locals at all, similar make up with our table tennis group and we made it to the World Cup finals… Mind you, Singapore Flag among the finals matches..

Questions, I wonder what is the sentiment of our ppl would be… 100% proud that Singapore made it in World Cup finals or…??

I am entitled to my opinion of course… I guess some things no matter how dogmatic, logical and to be politically correct or even garment tries to (re)-educate her citizens… Right from day 1 many many years ago when it all happened till now, it has never sit right with me.

For me, I guess, it’s not the where you come from, it is when you came. It’s more palatable if the same group from whichever country, came, grew in the same primary school and went through the same singaporean daily sh*tty problems.. THEN, i will bet you, every true blue Singaporean will gladly with pride celebrate with them when they win a gold for Singapore..

These are the PINK IC that i guess many Singaporean maybe referring to as our own… They been thru the same sh*t with and as us…

I remembered, there was a time garment trying to (re)establish the definition of a Singaporean when we got our first Gold in table tennis.. It was a big Hoo-HA about these identity.. Garment even bring out the idea of our great great grandfather time, where they came from upon arriving Singapore. When I heard that, I shake head… true to their calling, and they need to be- politically correct- period.

From that period onwards, I could feel tension among our ppl towards the garment. It’s felt like garment has committed a great wrong toward her ppl…

Oh well… Unless there is a some soul-searching revelation in the current brand of garment, Singapore is successful and progressive because of the system but without a soul of her own or at least she seems to be losing it..

Until then, like in my NS dayz in 41 SAR, our commanders, inchk, OCs and CO will always remind us don’t care , dont worry, just.. - PRESSURE FORWARD! (motto) !!



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