Potatoe… poTAtoe

Some time back, someone shared that a certain person who hold an influential position in a certain big named church was removed due to doctrinal differences…

Tonight i happend to come across his fb, got to read his theology posting…

Hummmm… my thought & feel is/are:

I am glad for the old testaments.. because all the worthy men and women ever recorded, even among them who were priests, they simply love God as they know how, in their own expressions, the Lord responded to them.

You have king David who deem to be a person after God’s heart and you have king Solomon, the wisest king, all have a common journey- they disappointed God BIG TIME at one point and another… and the amazing thing about it- the Lord woos them back.

Of which, we’ll get to meet them when our time comes.

So, simple, what is doctrinal differences to HIM when HE sacrificed HIS SON for us..? At the end of the day, whichever theology we accepts/subscript, HE graces us to work out our own salvation- fulfilling HIS good work(s) that HE has set before us. We are our own responsibility and to give an account when HE ask for it.

Going back to the basic… we maybe doing lots of things, may not be necessary doing that ONE thing God has called us to do… case in point, that rooster in it’s whole journey in life, finally fulfilled it’s calling when it roosted 3 times after Peter bumped.

That faithful act of the rooster, was recorded in the HOLY BIBLE… get it?

That’s what it’s matter.

Law camp, grace camp, faith camp, baptised camp… whatever… Just be faithful to that inner vision/call that God placed our heart and flow with Him. If HE needs us to change our perspective, HE will grace us for it. We are accountable to Him at the end of the day.

Personally, i wished that person whom i know too, stay faithful, be blessed and prosper even as his soul prosper.

Shalom Shalom.



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