Removing the Lover of our soul, the rest is just a system

11 May 2013

Whenever newspaper report on CHC.. only then, fresh rounds of bombardment from the net will starts again… Was not surprise it happened again when news came about their trial will goes into 2014.. The bombardments can range from anything as long the individual is anti CHC or Health & Wealth Gospel they or other group preached… They even give a link to show/explain what is the system / doctrine behind the H&W preaching…

I have listened through, there are some valid points they made which are the cause of their concern.. however, the examples gave mostly from extreme point of views and perceptions..

My personal take is this- Just as it is Christmas and is not X'mas…

When you remove the Lover of our soul, the rest is a system, a formula, a teaching, an idea…

Christianity is spelled as R E A L T I O N S H I P period.

I actually posted my $0.02 worth to a particular posting.. this individual, well in all the bombardments was toying this idea… what if (Pastor) Kong’s & pal preaching is true & works; could eradicate poverty in Singapore and the rest of the world… I thought that is a hairline cracks of hope for this fellow… heheheh…

Following was my very much watered down opinion of my passionate answer to the post:

“..this is my $0.02 worth.. wanted to post on Dr. Paul’s but i think there’s already lots of respond: Bare in mind, it is a religious environment not charity.. hence, with that comes supernatural experiences.

In all religion across the world, will have certain amount of supernatural experiences.. either you believe it or not, that’s an individual conviction, but no doubt, almost 8/10 will believe in bad/good luck, that itself is already an basic form of supernatural belief system.

So, in the case of CHC or any RELIGIOUS body.. i am sure there was/is a genuine supernatural encounter on both individual and mass setting enough to prove personal conviction if what they are doing is right…

There is ALWAYS a Judas Iscariot(s) in every good-will religious organization who will acts for his/their selfish course. Yet there are the balance 11 who stayed faithful because of their person experience and conviction. I am not saying Pastor Kong is God, but the gospel he shared aka the system proved that it’s work to a certain extent when it it carried out with ZERO corruption of any kind involved.

My dad is not a Christian, he’s a Theravada Buddhist said after NKF, Ren Chi and CHC surfaced: No doubt, the systems works.. but it is the heart of man cannot handle that kind of success and the financial numbers that came in… man is still man, greeds remains in every child to a dying elderly.. some time it involve directly to the main leader, other time is the someone else in the main council that manifested the trait..

My point is, let’s not be too critical..Don’t lump everything into one when there many others similar religious organisations handled by pure good man/council flourishes..

So yup, my opinion to your ‘just saying’ is possible.. ” ^



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