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25th Dec, Christmas - man made?

18 Aug 2013

Recent months, I had an interest on the subject of RK - Religious Knowledge..

Started to do some (some what serious) reading up on my dad’s religion, Theravada aka Thai Buddhism, and watching documentaries on Crusaders’ Holy war 1,2,3 and the origins of Christmas Day (25th Dec) and Esther Day aka Good Friday.. and also some popular deity characters

It’s amazing how much we/I took things for granted on some things that we S'porean really know till we do some reading up on it’s origins apart from what we were told or learn from our parent who learnt from their parent who also learnt from their parent.. the cycles goes on..

Not going to share all, but only highlight some common and popular topics… which would sound a ‘Ting’ in your head… ^

For a start… Do you know 25 Dec, Christmas is man made? Is a celebration of Yule (lasted for 12 days) and in conjunction of a son...

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Palmistry Vs Hand of God

16 Aug 2013

A thought just flash through…

Those who believe in palmistry, most of the time, (most) lives suck just by reading from our own hands.. why not get it change, get a re-birth, placing our hands onto the greater Hand… The Hand of God, Jesus - in the great exchanged (2000 years ago): His hands were pierced, so that our lives can be made whole and well.. Well, He went through hell and since risen to guarantee that!

And so the saying goes, whatever are placed in His Hand, are blessed.. So, place your hands in His and your life are blessed.. Every curse is broken..Protection from evil..Goodness & mercy will follow you all the days of your life..Importantly, your name is written in the Lamb Book of Life (in Heaven)..


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Removing the Lover of our soul, the rest is just a system

11 May 2013

Whenever newspaper report on CHC.. only then, fresh rounds of bombardment from the net will starts again… Was not surprise it happened again when news came about their trial will goes into 2014.. The bombardments can range from anything as long the individual is anti CHC or Health & Wealth Gospel they or other group preached… They even give a link to show/explain what is the system / doctrine behind the H&W preaching…

I have listened through, there are some valid points they made which are the cause of their concern.. however, the examples gave mostly from extreme point of views and perceptions..

My personal take is this- Just as it is Christmas and is not X'mas…

When you remove the Lover of our soul, the rest is a system, a formula, a teaching, an idea…

Christianity is spelled as R E A L T I O N S H I P period.

I actually posted my $0.02 worth to a particular...

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